How Do You Know If It’s Fake News?


What is fake news? What is real? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

But what about when fake news is about us?
Who will be a witness for the truth?

Read the rest, “Is This Fake News? I Need a Witness”

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We’re looking at 3 ways to disprove fake news with the Spirit’s witness. It is Do Not Depart’s new series, #WhoIsTheHolySpirit. Will you join me there?

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Know If It’s Fake News?

  1. Trudy

    Satan sure can pummel us with those lies, can’t He? I’m so grateful for God’s Truth to ground us and guide us.

    I kind of thought your family wasn’t that big as I think I remember a photo of your siblings. :) Keep enjoying those cookies! I’d offer you some of our kids’ and grandkids’ favorites, chocolate chip or M&M cookies, right now with some coffee if I could! :) Love and hugs to you, Lisa!
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